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In less than 5 seconds, you can, by a simple click donate a cup of food to a chronically hungry child at no cost to you. Please Donate 1 Click everyday.

Donate1Click.com is dedicated to funding simple and very effective preventatives and treatments with the goal of robust child health around the globe.

Your daily click funds the administration of Vitamin A to prevent life-threatening childhood illness and disease as well as one preventable cause of childhood blindness; the manufacture and fitting of children's prostheses so that a child injured by a landmine or other accident can still walk, run and play and still has a fighting chance to be a productive contributor in his or her society as an adult; eye surgeries that can reverse one kind of childhood blindness; and HIV testing that will alert medical personnel that a mother may pass the infection onto her child at birth so that she can be treated and the newborn spared of this terrible disease.

When you click, once per day, every day, you are helping to get these types of treatments and services to the children who need them most.

On average, over 70,000 individuals from around the world visit the site each day to click the blue "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button. To date, more than 100 million visitors have helped more than 2,161,000 children.

The image above is a very disturbing photograph of a starving child being stalked by a vulture.

Facts about Child Healthcare / Malnutrition
More than 10 million of the world's children die each year before reaching the age of five. Sadly two of every three of these children die from easily preventable, treatable diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, measles and tetanus and from the conditions like child malnutrition.

In addition, HIV/AIDS continues to be a leading contributor to the deaths of young children in Africa.

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